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Emerson Power Supply

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Emerson Power Supply

Good Quality Emerson Power Supply Sales

Large Image :  Emerson Power Supply

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Product Details:

Detailed Product Description

Series Description
CD5613X1-A6* Operator Interface (Stand-Alone)
CD5613X1-CE1/CF1 Keyboard Electronic Assemblies
CD6201* Display Station
CL5612X1-A7* UNIVOX Control Center (Stand-Alone)
CL5613 Controller Power Supply
CL5621X1-B2/EB2 Card File Assemblies
CL5621X1-FA1 Rack Mount Controller Power Supply
CL6341 to CL6345 Termination Panels
CL6501/02 Integrated Function Controllers
CL6521/22 IFC Controllers
CL6611/12 Unit Operations Controllers
CL6620 to CL6639 SR90 Controllers
CL6621/22 UOC+ Controllers
CL6621X1-DG1 Card File
CL6640X1-A1/A2 SRx Controller
CL6741 Discrete Cable Interface Panel
CL6761 to CL6764 Pulse Count Termination Panels
CL6773 to CL6776 Relay Termination Panels
CL6781/83/84/87/88 Discrete I/O Termination Panels
CL6825/26 Smart Device Input Cards
CL6841/42 Analog Input Cable Interface Panels
CL6861 to CL6864 Analog Input Termination Panels
CL6871/72 Analog Output Termination Panels
CL6881/82 Single End Smart Transmitter
Termination Panels
CL6885/86 Analog/Smart Device Output Termination
CL6895 to CL6898 Analog Input Termination Panels
CL6922/23 Intelligent Interface Devices
CL7801 I/O Bus Interface
CP6101/03 System Power Supplies
CP6211/12 Controller Card File Assemblies
CP6221 20 Series Card File Assemblies
CP6601 Distributed I/O File Unit
CP6701 I/O Card File Assembly
CP7005/10/43 Cabinet Assemblies
CP7101 Power Distribution Panel Assembly
CP7801/02/03/04/05/11/12/20* Auxiliary Equipment console Assemblies
CP9411 OWP Cabinte
DC6400X1-ED Keyboard Electronics Assembly
DC6412 to DC6415* Console Bay Assemblies
DC6450X1-GB1 Upright Cabinet Assembly
DC6490X1 PROVUE Console Electronics Unit.
DC6554 LCON Interface Unit
DC9430X1-C1 Alarm Interface Unit
DC9430X1-DB5 Monitor Assembly
DH6001/02 Traffic Directors
DH6005 Programmable Controller Interface
DH6008 Highway Interface Unit
DH6009 Serial Interface Unit
DH6011/12 Data Concentrator Units
DH6021X1-A1/A2/A3 NIU Console Electronics Unit
DH6032X1-A1/A2 Highway Data Link
DH6041X1-A1/A2 Process Network Hubs
DH6042X1-A1 Process Network Bridge
DH6042X1-B1 AIU to BNC Transceiver
DH6221 System Interface Unit
DH7741 Highway II Bridge
DM6001/03/04/05/07 Card File Assembly
DM6007X1-CA3 I/O Power Supply Assembly
DPR 810/900/910 Programmable Logic Controllers
KJ1700X1-BA1 Media Converter
KJ2001X1-BA1 Controller, M2
KJ2002X1-BA1/CA1 Controllers, M3/M5 Plus
KJ2003X1-BA1 Controller MD
KJ2003X1-BA2 Controller MD
KJ3001X1-CA1 32CH Discrete In
KJ3001X1-CB1 32CH Discrete Out
KJ3002X1-BA1/BB1/BC1/BD1/BE1 Analog Cards
KJ3002X1-BF1 RTD, ohm Card
KJ3002X1-BG1/BG2 Thermocouple mV Card
KJ3003X1-BA1 Serial Interface Card
KJ3003X1-EA1 Serial Terminal Block
KJ3003X1-GA1 RMV to Delta V Interface Card
KJ3004X1-BA1/EA1 Fieldbus H1 Card/Terminal Block
KJ3005X1-BA1 Actuator Sensor Interface Card
KJ3006X1-BA1 Multifunction I/O Card
KJ3007X1-BA1 Profibus, DP Card
KJ3007X1-EA1 Profibus, DP Terminal Block
KJ3008X1-BA1 Sequence of Events
KJ3009X1-BA1 DeviceNet Card
KJ3221X1-BA1 AI, 4-20mA, HART, Series 2
KJ3222X1-BA1 AO, 4-20mA, HART, Series 2
KJ3241X1-BA1 Serial, Series 2
KJ3242X1-BA1 Field Bus M1, Series 2
KJ4001X1-BA1/BA2/BB1/BE1 Carriers
KJ4001X1-CA1/CB1/CC1/CD1/CE1/CF1 I/O Terminal Blocks
KJ4001X1-CG1 Thermocouple Terminal Block
KJ4001X1-JA1 I/O Switchover Panel
KJ4002X1-BA1 Left Side 8-Wide Carrier
KJ4002X1-BB1 Right Side 8-Wide Carrier
KJ4002X1-BC1 Top 4-Wide Carrier
KJ4002X1-BD1 Bottom 4-Wide Carrier
KJ4030X1-BA1 Fieldbus, Technician Kit
KJ6001X1-BA1 Fieldbus M1 Carrier with enclosure
KJ6001X1-CA1 Fieldbus M1 Carrier
40B1743 File Assembly
48A0093 Utility Power Strip
49A1794 Utility Power Strip
COMMONX1-AC1 Card File Assembly
NT7210 Operator Console Service Cabinet
NT7220 Operator Console Workstation Cabinet
KJ2101X1 - BA1 PROVOX I/O Interface Card
KJ2101X1-CA1 PROVOX Migration Controller Carrier
KJ2102X1-CA1 RS3 I/O Carrier
KJ3243X1-BA1 PROFIBUS DP Series 2 Card
KJ3244X1-BA1 DEVICENET Series 2 Card
KJ2102X1-BA1 RS3 I/O Interface
KJ4001X1-BB1 8 Wide Carrier
KJ4001X1-BE1 8 Wide Carrier with Shield
KJ4002X1-BA1 Vertical 8 Wide Carrier, Left
KJ4002X1-BB1 Vertical 8 Wide Carrier, Right



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