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STM32F4(Cortex-M4) +3.2"TFT LCD Module Optoelectronic Displays IC

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STM32F4(Cortex-M4) +3.2"TFT LCD Module Optoelectronic Displays IC

Good Quality STM32F4(Cortex-M4) +3.2"TFT LCD Module Optoelectronic Displays IC Sales

Large Image :  STM32F4(Cortex-M4) +3.2"TFT LCD Module Optoelectronic Displays IC

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Place of Origin: Guangdong China(Mainland)
Brand Name: Wang Bao Electronics

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Detailed Product Description

RedDragon407 STM32F4(Cortex-M4) +3.2"TFT LCD Module Optoelectronic Displays IC

RedDragon is a kind of development board that based on STM32F4(Cortex-M4)processor and well- designed.It is runnable for all kinds of WB displays(3.2TFT/3.5 TFT/4.3 TFT/5.0 TFT/7.0 TFT).Ethernet(wireless),2.4G,SDIO, Serial,camera, TEA5767,WM8978,USB.These ample configuration makes you easy to study and product.It is a very useful tool for you to enter Cortex-M4 fast.

RedDragon is based on STM32F407ZGT6(LQFP144)processor. The core is ARM Cortex-M4(168 MHz),32BIT,FPU,210 DMIPS,more than 1M FLASH/ 192+4KB RAM, USB OTG HS/FS,Ethernet,17 timer,3 ADC,15 communication interface and a camera. This processor is specialized develop by ARM and it is the latest embedded processor used to satified the conmand and signal processing mixed digital signal controlling market. High-efficiency signal processing fuction with Cortex-M low-power dissipation,low cost and easy using,satisfy the specialized meet to motor control,car,power manager,embedded voice band and industry automatic market.

STM32F4(Cortex-M4) +3.2"TFT LCD Module Optoelectronic Displays IC

STM32F4(Cortex-M4) +3.2"TFT LCD Module Optoelectronic Displays IC

STM32F4(Cortex-M4) +3.2"TFT LCD Module Optoelectronic Displays IC

On-board resource:

20 pins JTAG port,you can use J-Link(Ulink)emulator to download and debug.

Port conversion module between RS232 to TTL,to communicate with PC

DS18B20 easy for temperature data collection and control

NRF24l01 wireless communication module for more boards transmission

USB change port,convenient for Thinkpad

SD port easy for SDIO using

Infrared receiver module for controlling study

SPI FLASH(W25Q16)for store character library

5 buttons for users only

4 LED lamp

One camera interface,8 Bit parallel support OV7670 camera model

10/100M Ethernet interface

2 CAN transceiver (SN65VHD230)

USB HS/FS/HOST interface for USB study

WM8978 voice decoding chip for MP3

Adjustable resistor for AD collecting

TEA5767 radio module

TFT LCD for 3.2 TFT/3.5 TFT/4.3 TFT/7.0 TFT controlling and study

RS485 interface for RS485 Bus study

Board expand 256K SRAM, 2M NOR FLASH (support MAX1024k SRAM, 16M NOR FLASH), satisfy large volume data collecting manage and analysis

Board expand 128M NAND FLASH for picture storing with color screen, data form storing , file management etc

External fuction pin all derivation, easy for 2nddevelopment.

RedDragon407 DVD List

1 Schematic

2 User Manual

3 Example

4 Library

5 Software

6 Document

7 Operating System

RedDragon407Basic Routines

01 RedDragon407_GPIO

02 RedDragon407_Systick

03 RedDragon407_EXTI

04 RedDragon407_PWR

05 RedDragon407_watch dog

06 RedDragon407_RTC

07 RedDragon407_flash

08 RedDragon407_USART

09 RedDragon407_AD

10 RedDragon407_TIME

11 RedDragon407_can

12 RedDragon407_sdio

13 RedDragon407_NandFlash

14 RedDragon407_NorFlash

15 RedDragon407_SRAM

16 RedDragon407_usb to 232

17 RedDragon407_TEA5767

18 RedDragon407_usb_fs

19 RedDragon407_Networks

20 RedDragon407_usb_hs

21 RedDragon407-Eeprom_24C02

22 RedDragon407-wm8978_wav+mp3(13.5.7)

23 RedDragon407-nrf24l01

RedDragon407 LCD Application


1 RedDragon407_Lcd Test

2 RedDragon407_Lcd API Draw

3 RedDragon407_Lcd Touch

4 RedDragon407_Lcd fractal

5 RedDragon407_LCD(sd_spi)

6 RedDragon407_Lcd+sd+W25Q16 Font

7 RedDragon407_DCMI_ov7670

8 RedDragon407_mjpeg player2

9 RedDragon407_DCMI_OV2640


1 RedDragon407_Lcd Test

2 RedDragon407_API

3 RedDragon407_touch

4 RedDragon407_Font

5 RedDragon407_Picture


1 RedDragon407_Lcd Test

2 RedDragon407_API

3 RedDragon407_TFT touch

4 RedDragon407_Font

5 RedDragon407_Picture

RedDragon407 OS

01 RedDragon407_Ucosii(2.86)

02 RedDragon407_Ucosii(2.86)+Semaphore

03 RedDragon407_Ucosii(2.86)+ucgui(3.90a)

04 RedDragon407_Ucosii(2.86)+ucgui(3.90a)+eyes_demo

05 RedDragon407_Ucosii(2.86)+ucgui(3.90a)+LED

06 RedDragon407_Ucosii(2.86)+ucgui(3.90a)+LED_duty

07 RedDragon407_Ucosii(2.86)+ucgui(3.90a)+Mouse

08 RedDragon407_Ucosii(2.86)+ucgui(3.90a)+RTC

09 RedDragon407_Ucosii(2.86)+ucgui(3.90a)+sd

10 RedDragon407_Ucosii(2.86)+ucgui(3.90a)+ucgui_demo

RedDragon407 Network project

1 TCPIP network components Lwip Ping

2 TCPIP network components Lwip telnet The remote command line interaction

3 TCPIP network components Lwip TCP Server

4 TCPIP network components Lwip TCP Client

5 TCPIP network components Lwip easiest webserver

6 TCPIP network components Lwip netio Network Speed Test

7 TCPIP network components Lwip UDP Client

8 TCPIP network components Lwip UDP Server

9 lwip_websrv

Package included:
1x WB-WB-RedDragonSTM32F1407ZGT6 Board

1x 3.2"tft lcd module

1x MINI USB Cable
1x Serial Cable
1x Cross Network Cable
1x 5V1A power adapter
1x DVD ROM(content software,schematic,routines,drives,documents some in chinese)


You can buy ULINK 2 Emulator($20) or JLINK V8 Emulator($15) for programming!You can click the "Buy It Now", or leave a message to us(what you need to add).And then we change the price for you,so that you can make the payment.
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